Q1. Where is your resort?

Q2. How far is the resort to Pangkor Island Jetty Terminal?

Q3. How far is the resort to the beach?

Q4. How far is Lumut bus station to Lumut Jetty?

Q5. How far is your resort to Coral beach?


Q6. How can we get to your resort?



Q7. What is your room rate?

Q8. Do you offer discount?

Q9. Do you have a government rate or corporate rate?

Q10. Can we pay for the room upon checking in?

Q11. How much deposit you need in order to block the room.

Q12. Do you have a group package?

Q13. What happen if we lose the room key?

b. Facilities

Q14. What type of room do you have?

Q15. Do you have rooms with balcony?

Q16. Do you have sea view rooms?

Q17. Do you have room to cater for family more than four persons?

Q18. What facilities do you have in your room?

Q19. Do you have a swimming pool?

Q20. Do you have a spa?

Q21. Do you have an apartment?

Q22. Do you have Wi-Fi facilities?

Q23. Do you have BBQ facilities?

Q24. Do you have a Karaoke Room?

Q25. Do you have a seminar/ meeting room?

Q26. Where can we park our car or vehicle in Lumut?


Q27. Do you serve meals?

Q28. What is the earliest and latest ferry schedule from Lumut to Pangkor Island?

Q29. Can we have a special request such as:-

Q30. Is your room inclusive of breakfast?

Q31. What type of breakfast do you serve?

Q32. Do you have laundry service?

Q33.What time is your reception and office hours?

Q34. What is your check in and check-out times?

Q35. Do you allow late check out?

Q36. Do you have luggage storage facilities after check out?

Q37. Can we hire a vehicle on the island?

Q38. Do you arrange transport from and to Kuala Lumpur airport?

d. Activities

Q39. What water sport activities do you have?

e. Booking

Q40. Do you allow additional person in your room?

Q41. What happen if we bring more than 1 child under 5 years old?

Q42. Can we bring more member than the number of guest registered in the booking form?

Q43. How long do I need to book the room before check in?

Q44. How can we book a room at your resort?

Q45. What happen if booking is done with invalid credit card?

f. Island facilities

Q46. How much is the taxi fare to your resort?

Q47. What are the major towns or destinations do the buses from Lumut go to?

Q48. Do you have banks on the island?

Q49. Do you have ATM machine on the island?

Q50. Can we change foreign currency?

g. General Information

Q51. How is the weather at your resort?